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Snorkel doggy

15 Apr

If you get frisky in the sea on our
holidays, try this. You both wade in about waist-deep, and she bends over, immersing a facemask and snorkel under the surface. You stand behind her and take her doggy style. It’ll look discreet from a distance, and she gets to peep at fish while being shafted, which won’t happen every day. Try it between more vigorous positions.


illRoots» DJ Jayceeoh – Avant Gucci

6 Apr

illRoots » Blog Archive » DJ Jayceeoh – Avant Gucci.

1. Avant Gucci Intro
2. Gucci Mane vs Drake – How Bout You (JayCeeOh Blend)
3. Gladiator Interlude
4. Gucci Mane vs Major Lazer – Cash Flow feat JahDan (JayCeeOh Blend)
5. Gucci Mane vs Cool Kids – Ching-Ching Champions (JayCeeOh Blend)
6. Gucci Mane vs The Police vs 12th PLanet – (JayCeeOh Dubstep Blend)
7. Gucci Mane vs Wale – Pretty Girls (JayCeeOh Blend)
8. Gucci Mane vs The Meters – So Icy (JayCeeOh Blend)
9. Gucci Mane vs De La Soul – Get It In (JayCeeOh Blend)
10. Gucci Mane feat Ludacris vs Ice Cream Love (JayCeeOh Blend)
11. Gucci Mane – Wasted (PRGz Remix)
12. Gucci Mane vs Gorillaz – Da Shit (JayCeeOh Blend) Part 1
13. Gucci Mane vs Certified – Da Shit (JayCeeOh Blend) Part 2
14. Gucci Mane vs Sade – Lemonade of Love (JayCeeOh Blend)
15. Gucci Mane vs Pretty Lights – (JayCeeOh Blend)

Download/stream here

Inverted mirrored art

16 Jan

Chocolate X Guns

4 Jan

The chocolate guns, chocolate bullets, and chocolate grenades from

atmos x X-girl x New Balance M996M XA | Hypebeast

30 Oct



atmos together with X-girl team-up to release this upcoming New Balance M996M XA. Despite X-girl’s background as a women’s label, the sneaker collaboration is directed towards the male demographic with a unisex metallic silver and purple colorway. The shoe is marked by a perforated silver upper and purple accents as the release is set for Saturday, November 21st at atmos.

Vans Del Barco LX

30 Oct



The Vans Vault has just relinquished these latest colourways of the Del Barco LX.. The boat shoe will release this time in both a mid and lo-chukka-style form and will once more don appropriately smart colourways. The black colourway comes in nubuck or if you prefer the mid, a mixture of nubuck and leather, both with orange lining and branding, with white contrast stitch detailing the toebox. In contrast, the white lo has a leather upper, whilst the white mid comes with a mix and leather and nubuck, both pairs have subtle blue branding and inner lining. All pairs come with leather lace. All pairs are also now available from Singapore’s Limited Edt.





SpongeBob SquarePants x MEDICOM TOY Bearbrick 400%

21 Oct

In a licensed release from MEDICOM TOY, SpongeBob SquarePants makes the jump into Bearbrick form. Coming in at a respectable 400% size, the figure is quite accurate in its portrayal of the popular children’s cartoon character albeit in Bearbrick form. The figure is currently available through Paris-based retailer colette.

Browns Mainline 2009 Fall/Winter Wallet Collection

17 Oct

Browns feature another series of in-house items under their Mainline collection with a capsule of leather wallets. Throughout the styles, they each keep a toned down and understated aesthetic in basic colors. However, upon flipping open the wallet, interiors both colorful and using more exotic materials are incorporated into the design. Available now at Browns.

visvim 2009 Fall/Winter Ballistic Veggie Accessories

17 Oct

visvim release a new collection of accessories following the usual ballistic theme with a veggie tanned leather twist. Amongst the items are new versions of their classic ballistic backpack, a set of wallets, and two-tone waist packs, made in the same design mold as the backpacks. All are now available through Figure Sapporo.

Full Size Batmobile Replica

30 Sep

Wow, this full sized replica of the Batmobile looks amazing! It was bulit by someone from Sweden, made from a 1973 Lincoln Continental, took over $1 million US dollars and 3.5 years, 20,000 working hours to complete.
Cost: over $1 million.
Time: 3.5 years, 20,000 hours of painstaking work to convert a 73 Lincoln Continental.
Contents: DVD, voice recognition, height adjustment, reversing cameras…
Pleasure: Incalculable, as people gather around to oggle outside IKEA.