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Banksy in Hollywood

22 Feb



Following the discovery of a string of Banksy drawings around Los Angeles over the past couple of weeks, it appears as though the cunning street artist is back at it again.


Christian Schoeler X Louis Vuitton

24 Jan

Collaborating with Louis Vuitton designer Paul Helbers, German artist Christian Schoeler has designed these leather, handpainted bags. Inspired by 19th century painting, the bags are naturally to become available in very limited numbers across 3 styles (a clutch bag, a larger holdall and a smaller rucksack). “Like an accidental customisation”, Schoeler has explained that the bags represent an artists’ paint-splattered backpack.

Popstar x cokeheads

14 Jan

Burger King’s exclusive Windows 7

22 Oct

Confirming our belief that Japan is at once among the coolest and craziest places on this planet we all call home is Burger King’s exclusive Windows 7 Whopper. Seven stacked beef patties extend your usual Whopper to over five inches in height and the whole thing costs an appropriate ¥777 (or $8.55). It’ll be available for one week only — or seven days, get it? Join us past the break to see the full towering size of this meaty monstrosity.

[Via Electronista]

Update: Andy Yang, our Engadget Chinese editor, has read the smallprint and noted that in fact only the first 30 customers each day will get the Win 7 Whopper at ¥777, with the rest shelling out a cool ¥1,450 ($17.10) for the privilege. Way to break the number 7 theme, guys.